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How many sessions will I need?

How often are the sessions?

Liz Saunders

We suggest a commitment to weekly sessions for therapy to be the most effective and successful.  However it can be flexible and again this can be discussed as part of your individual treatment needs. 

CBT Worcestershire

A large part of CBT treatment involves a degree of self help for the maximum success.  Therefore you will work with your therapist to establish 'tasks' to be completed in between sessions.  This helps to build on knowledge and guidance gained during the therapy session and gives the client a chance to put the coping strategies into place in real-life situations.  Progress on self help tasks will be explored during the following session and further guidance and support given to utilise the coping strategies effectively.

That depends!  Because all people are different and not all problems are the same, we look to tailor your treatment plan to your individual needs.  Therefore the amount of sessions you may require will be discussed with you after your initial treatment.  Typically treatment is around 6-12 or 12-16 sessions in duration, although this is not fixed and can be flexible with your needs. 

CBT Treatment

We understand that talking about personal issues can be very difficult for people, so we aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible and we look to tailor treatment to your individual needs.

CBT sessions are provided on a 1:1 basis and they are collaborative in nature, meaning you will work together with your therapist.  This collaborative approach helps to explore and understand your difficulties, the impact these are having on your life and ways to make changes to your current situation for a more positive future.

Working in the 'here and now' using a variety of both behavioural and cognitive techniques, including Mindfulness, CBT can help you to effectively manage your negative thoughts, behaviours and emotions.  Being able to break the negative cycle that underpins most common mental health and addiction difficulties, can enable you to feel better and be able to deal more appropriately with difficult situations.